Domain Expertise

Got a Challenge? Give it to our Experts…

In a rapidly changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, A2Z IT Solution defines domain expertise as knowledge, skills, experience and competence that have been acquired and developed through successful delivery of solutions in specific areas. At A2Z IT Solution, domain expertise has acted as a stimulator in our growth. Deep domain expertise across the chosen verticals has added significant value to our esteemed clients. It is precisely the domain expertise understanding the business context-that can make a good development company great. And it’s even more important in this highly competitive world.

Here at A2Z IT Solution, by combining technology expertise and operational excellence with domain capabilities, we have been able to provide quality solutions to clients based across the globe. In fact, with detailed understanding of specific domains as our forte, we effectively address our client’s concerns, and in many cases, even actually help our clients better define their problems. Through efficient technologies, we create a platform where requirements are met with ease and challenges are transformed into fruitful solutions. At A2Z IT Solution, we have created Centers of Excellence for key domains in order to deliver excellence. These centers of excellence incorporate industry best practices, apart from tracking the latest research to devise means for continuous improvements. To be precise, we have developed a sound development process with the help of our experiences to deliver robust, cost effective and reliable web solutions to our clients. The objective of delivering a customized solution is to establish a usage of sound engineering principles in the development process. The competencies we possess have enabled us to cater our clients with our full potential.

In other words, all the excellence that we deliver has been made possible by our immaculate team. Our team has many years of experience in delivering solutions which is cost-effective and time-bound. This experience brings with it knowledge of industry processes and best practices, which, combined with in-house research, ensures that our solutions and services deliver value that you would only expect from the biggest global consultants. Our domain experts are bunch of innovative people who have developed customized, enhanced, integrated and implemented productive projects.

We have the capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions in the following domains:
  • Web 2.0 Portals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • HR Solutions
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Travel and Tourism Solutions
  • E-learning Solutions