Real Estate Software Solutions

Making dreams flutter high in the sky…

The Internet and innovative technologies are transforming the face of real estate industry for good. There has been a productive change and major players in the industry are beginning to recognize the important role that technology can play in improving their operations and reducing costs. To remain competitive and to address the needs of clients and tenants, many companies have embraced a variety of technology applications ranging from information management systems, Web-based and wireless programs and building security. By adopting innovative technologies, these companies have brought many customers to their fold which is in fact resulting in huge profits.

We at A2Z IT Solution fit exactly into these league of innovative companies. At A2Z IT Solution, innovation is a continuous process. We are highly acclaimed for providing cost-effective, high-performance real estate software solutions to our clients based across the globe. Our solutions provide fully-integrated investment management, property management and accounting functionality that enable managers, owners and investors to manage assets with superior efficiency and ease. We not only develop great looking websites but also provide solutions which enable real estate agents to list their properties. This helps customers to locate and choose their homes, offices and property in the most effective way possible even though they maybe located thousands of kilometers away. Whatever your size, diversity of activities or number of users, our solutions will make your life easier, your office work better, reduce costs and increase profit.

Our real estate solutions include features like:
  • Featured Listing
  • Search Property Listings
  • Financial Calculators
  • List your Property
  • Listing Manager
  • Foreclosure Listing
  • Affiliate Partners
We provide our clients the following benefits:
  • Enables you to maximize profitability by reducing real estate costs
  • Integrates all real estate operations, end-to-end
  • Provides real-time access to important information
  • Drives profit through improved processes
  • Helps you retain residents by providing service tools
  • Supplies relevant data and tools for both home office and site associates