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Why We?

Web 2.0 portals have revolutionized the business world and online community. It has changed the way people do their business or for the matter interaction and exchange of information. Today, in this online world, portals can no longer afford to be an isolated information silo. It should be more than this. Networking sites, social sites, business sites, are examples of how people are rapidly moving their lives on to the digital platform. Every web portal that has carved a name for itself in the digital space has managed to serve some underlying need of the web community that has not been addressed in the past. As we can find that, today, people use the web for every aspect of their life; track, store and distribute personal assets like music, photos, files, videos to making friends, performing group activities, sharing knowledge and even accomplishing business deals; the addition of new features with the help of web 2.0 technology has benefited the users and they are leveraging it with both hands.

At A2Z IT Solution, we have kept pace with the changing technologies. We have appreciated the advent of web 2.0 technology and have included it in our technology stack in order to provide affordable custom solutions to users. Here in our company, we follow a unique approach to make your online business more productive. We tactically arrange the competence of digital Web 2.0 technology with market expertise to help your business grow. We have set up Web 2.0 center of excellence (COE) to provide the latest and greatest technologies to our clients. Our well-experienced team delivers professional portal development that are structured, elegant, easy to navigate and substantial with competitive advantage good enough to generate more business for clients ahead of their competitors. Clients repose their faith in us because we specialize in various kind of business based B2B portals development and customer based B2C portals development services. To end with it can be said that our current clients have benefited immensely from our technology enhancement and the end result is that they are providing their users exceptional and rich user experience.

Our Web 2.0 portals typically include:
  • AJAX or Flex based rich internet application (RIA) techniques
  • Validated XHTML/HTML markup based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to keep content and presentation separate
  • Mash-ups of content from multiple sources
  • Blog publishing tools
  • Wiki and forum features
  • Social networking features
  • User-generated content management
  • RSS and Atom feed syndication, aggregation and notification