Adding Vibrancy…

Today, LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) has become the platform of choice for many companies who believe in rapid development of small to large scale websites and web applications. The LAMP stack that is so popular is based on open source products and includes all the components required in building dynamic web applications. These include: an operating system Linux, a web server Apache, a database MySQL and a programming language PHP. A combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, programming paradigm of developing software and to establish a software distribution package. This combination has become popular because of its low acquisition cost and the ubiquity of its components. When used in combination they represent a solution stack of technologies that support application servers.

The FOSS Approach and its benefits

The components present in the LAMP stack are examples of Free or Open Source Software (FOSS). The benefit of the FOSS approach is three-fold and advantageous to us. First, the nature of FOSS software means applications are available for free download, making them readily available to a wide range of people without payment. That makes the software incredibly attractive to a wide range of users who would otherwise have to pay for “professional” commercial tools, which is often an expensive step in producing a Web site. Second, licenses are open and thus have few restrictions on their use and the deployment of applications based on the FOSS technology. It is possible to develop and deploy LAMP-based projects without paying any license fees for distributing the software, and this, again, makes it popular for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Third, and the foremost reason for the growth and use of FOSS technology (including LAMP), is that because users have access to the source it is much easier to fix faults and improve the applications. It gives flexibility that simply isn’t available within the confines of a proprietary or commercial-based product.

The A2Z IT Solution Advantage

At A2Z IT Solution, transformation is a continuation process. We have always incorporated technological advancement into our work process. We at A2Z IT Solution offer custom application development services on several platforms and technologies. Our development services comprise various technologies including LAMP and follow industry standards in software quality processes. The development work of our well-efficient team has always been productive and it has churned profits for our clients. Our developed applications are fully scalable and robust.

Our LAMP based services offer the following benefits:
  • Flexibility: There are no limits to what you can do with the LAMP stack, either technically or because of licensing restrictions. This allows you the flexibility to build and deploy applications in a method that suits you, not the supplier of the technology you are using
  • Customization: Because LAMP components are open source, they have built up a huge array of additional components and modules that provide additional functionality. The open source approach enables you to do the same, customizing components and functionality to suit your needs.
  • Ease of Development: You can write powerful applications using LAMP technology in relatively few lines of code. It is so straightforward that even nonprogrammers can modify or extend the application.
  • Ease of Deployment: With neither licensing issues nor the need to compile applications, deployment is often as easy as copying an application to a new host. Most hosting services provide LAMP-based environments as standard, or they can be deployed using a Linux distribution, such as Fedora or Debian.
  • Low Overhead: The compact LAMP component stack simplifies deployment and reduces processing overhead. Very tight integration between PHP and Apache, for instance, eliminates the need for application server software and in many instances eliminates an entire physical server tier.
  • Platform Portability: As LAMP runs on a wide range of hardware platforms, it provides platform portability. Of particular value is the option to deploy on clusters or grids of affordable x86-based servers. These utility computing architectures provide an optimized combination of efficient resource utilization, high availability, versatility and instant scalability.
  • Security: LAMP technology is secure and stable. Problems are normally fixed very quickly, and without the need for a costly support.
  • Community and Support: You can get the requisite support on Internet from experienced people that can go a long way in development and deployment of LAMP-based applications.