Microsoft .Net

Making value-added difference…

Microsft.Net solutions are really a brilliant combination of traditional MS technologies and modern Web Services paradigm. Although this technology is relatively new entrant in the burgeoning technology stack, still it has quickly made rapid inroads to become reliable, scalable and trustworthy for users. It represents a big step towards software interoperability, which makes true software integration finally possible.

Microsoft.NET technology is integrated throughout Microsoft products, providing the capability to quickly deploy, build, manage and use connected, security enhance solution throughout the use of Web services. Its architecture spans from MS Enterprise Servers to Smart Mobile Devices, and Web Services technology, powered by SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards by W3C, acts as glue between them. Although Microsoft .Net platform is target for a wide range of operating environments, it fits Internet the best.

At A2Z IT Solution, we have leveraged the advantage of Microsoft.Net to provide outstanding results to clients in order to make productive difference in their business. Our vastly experienced team serves customers from multiple business domains and delivers solutions ranging from small mobile applications to enterprise-wide integrated systems. We make every effort for customers’ satisfaction and also guarantee security, dependability and peace of mind.

Our Microsoft .NET Development Services include
  • .NET Software Product Development
  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • Application Migration to .NET
  • .NET custom control development
  • Web Services based .NET Application development
  • Mobile applications based on .NET Compact Framework
Our Microsoft .NET Development Services deliver the following advantages:
  • Multiple Languages
  • Developed for the Internet Age
  • Standard Toolset
  • Automatic Memory Management
  • Versioning and Type Safety
  • Security
  • Unified Programming Model for Smart Client
  • Distributed system
  • Development friendly
  • Deployment friendly
  • XML web services